Back on the Trail

As the saying goes, I'm on the road again! If you are so inclined to pray or think positive thoughts on my behalf, all such spiritual and metaphysical exercises are appreciated. It's my goal to finish my next book on this leg along the Uttermost Road. In addition to completing my writing project, my desire is to encounter new people along the way and return to the reservations where I've begun to reestablish relationships from decades ago. Additionally, I'm attempting to make myself available for speaking engagements . . . just about anywhere my truck and trailer will travel. If you know of such opportunities, or would like more information as to the nature of my speaking topics, please contact me.

That exact direction and duration of this next journey are undetermined. I'm slowly making my way to southern Utah, but after that, only the Wind knows. I certainly have ideas, but more like a loosely-fitted plan crocheted in my mind. As you probably have ascertained over the preceding months, the uttermost road is very fluid in nature, much like a river.

Time to set sail once again.

Somewhere in central Oregon