Announcing the gospel of good news!


It would be my privilege to speak with your faith community, church group, or just about any place you care to gather. I'll meet you anywhere my truck and trailer can travel. Since hitting the uttermost road, I feel as though my heart is being filled to overflowing with something I believe every person on planet earth longs to hear. I'll head your way to speak for one gathering, or stick around and share with you for as long as you want.

Here's a sample of themes and topics:

One Work
From Now On

Where Jesus Lives
Before the Beginning

The Center of the Universe
Where Time & Eternity Meet
The Ramifications of the Crucifixion & Resurrection
The Second Coming & Missing the Point of the First One
The Relational & Missional Nature of the Triune God

Street Crossers: Mission Fields on the Other Side
Lawman: The Gospel According To John Wayne
Star Trek: The Gospel According to Spock
What is Heaven & What the Hell?
Who is Jesus & Who Are You?
The Finished Work of Christ
A Love to End All Wars
Creator aka Christ
Skin of the Word

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