The Heart of John's Gospel (Part 1)

running time (14:58)

This is my pilot episode of "Views From The Road." It's the first in a series of videos that examines the underlying and central message in the Gospel of John. I believe the apostle unveils to his readers the identity of Jesus by answering several key questions that he raises and addresses through the entirety of his gospel (and continued in his epistles and revelation).

Views From The Road: Introduction

running time (4:01)

The purpose behind "Views From The Road" is to create a growing video library of my personal reflections and "messages" that emerge from my study and experiences along the road. Some segments will be more personal and philosophical in nature, while others more biblical teaching oriented. My goal is to record as many segments as I can in outdoor settings. I'll be interested in your feedback, questions, and suggestions. If you find the video clips helpful, interesting, or inspiring, please spread the word to your family and friends.