On The Road Again

Houston . . . we have liftoff!

The trial runs are over. Equipment has been tested and all systems are go. 

It was a surreal moment feeling the engine ignite and lifting me from the launch pad, uh, I mean out of the driveway. I was beginning to think this day might never come. In my initial planning stages, my projected departure was to commence no later than sometime during the month of March (2014). With Spring approaching, my thought was to travel south along the Pacific coastline and focus primarily on my writing for LYGO. Montana is still a bit cold that time of year, so starting with a southern route first seemed logical and prudent. At some point in southern California, I was going to take a left (east) and head toward Navajo country in Arizona. After a month or two, take another left (north) and head toward Crow country. But here it is now the middle of August and I just left the launch pad this past Thursday in my “space” vehicle. I cleared the tower and I’m now in orbit. Being that summer is half over, it makes sense to reverse the route and head east toward Montana before the snow flies. From there, I’ll probably head south toward Navajo country in the fall, passing through and making stops in South Dakota and Nebraska.


But when you come right down to it, who really knows? Nothing travels in a straight line, such as RVs, not even orbiting space vehicles. I have yet to acquire the ability to see around approaching curves in the road of life. As far as the uttermost road is concerned, up to this point, my best made plans have been revised several times over, while numerous and unexpected situations have kept me grounded.

Until now. And that’s okay. 

It has tested my resolve and attitude, along with affording me the time and opportunity to lend a helping and needed hand to matters of family.

Besides, at the heart of traveling the uttermost road, a major component of my M.O. is to travel like a pneumanaut . . . one who rides the wind and explores the realm of spirit and remote regions of inner-space (pneuma = breathe, wind, spirit). In the process, it’s my sincere desire to discover and interact with “lifeforms” that I encounter along the way (familiar, alien, and native).

“Greetings earthlings of every tribe, tongue, and color—red and yellow, black and white. I come in Peace and in the name of the Prince of it. You are precious in His sight.”

And from now on . . . in my sight, too.